13 February, 2008

Yay for sleep!

I must first say I am super pumped about getting around 8 hours of sleep tonight after losing so much the past 2 nights. Traveling on top of school work has just consumed all of my energy. I find it amusing though as everyone one else has been as tired as I have been, that most people in our studio have developed a talent for falling asleep anywhere. And by anywhere, I mean anywhere...I have seen classmates drift off in dirty subways, restaurants on top of their food, and anywhere where we are sitting for an extended amount of time. I welcomed the day trips we had while on the study trip because that meant a train ride I could sleep on when normally I would never be able to sleep while sitting up. It was also pretty amusing in lecture with kathrin today that you could tell which silhouettes belonged to our class by who was drifting off to sleep. I personally was just glad that my balance still works when I sleep because otherwise I would have fallen out of my chair. I used to know a girl that could fall asleep while standing up and her eyes open...so I think my new goal will be to learn how to walk and sleep at the same time...I'd be set then

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