13 February, 2008

La Comida

Food is a very important part of my life, as one of my professors once said, "I see the world through food." If there is one thing you should know about the food selection in Barcelona it's Menu del dia. This is your best opportunity to get a full meal (full meal haha) for a decent price. The fact that Spaniards make lunch their main meal and even have a specific time period during the day where everything shuts down (siesta) is pretty interesting. I feel like I can relate with a culture of people who base a day's schedule around their comida (that means food, Chad).

Let me tell you what I think about Japanese restaurants, while we are on the the subject...I went to a really good Japanese restaurant tonight. And although you probably don't care at all what I ate, I'm going to tell you. I got the Tori no Teryaki, which means Teryaki Chicken strips.

Some of the best dining experiences that I've had in Spain have been while enjoying urban and architectural elements of a city. We ate at a little restaurant in the George Orwell Plaza the other day and the light was able to find its way into the dining area. We also ate next to the Kursaal building in San Sebastian for one of the best meals that I've ever had. Who would have thought that two sunny-side up eggs over potatoes and broth would be delicious.

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