13 February, 2008

What not to do when designing an airport...

I was with the group that went to Paris and I must say that their system of transportation has got to be the most frustrating so far in all aspects...the most noticeable though was the airport we landed in. The main part was circular and had all these paths crisscrossing in the center going to random floors so if you start off in the wrong place, good luck getting to the right place. The signs were also not the clearest so at times it felt like we were literally going in circles. I think circulation in an airport should be clearly defined because traveling is stressful enough without trying to navigate a confusing terminal. Also if you ever design an airport make sure you design bathrooms on the other side of security near the gates because I had to go to the restroom after I went through security already so i had to leave and go back through the line and because of that I got patted down twice thanks to their super touchy metal detectors that I still have no idea what it was going off on.

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