28 March, 2008

Adventure back to BCN

On our flight back from Rome to Girona (with a train ride back to Barcelona, yay RyanAir), we had to catch a 4:30 bus to the Rome airport. After waiting pretty much all night at the train station, and then a cafe that some nice guy told us about so we didn't have to sit on the floor in the train station the entire night surrounded by creeps (one wouldn't leave Susan alone, and then asked me if I was married...), the bus did show up on time. But what was a 40 minute drive to the airport, this guy pulled off in 20 minutes, and it wasn't just because there was no traffic. He was driving pretty crazy. He almost switch lanes on top of some smaller cars and then this car got in front of him and he got way angry. Then he almost ran over some pedestrians in front of the airport. But all in all, we got to our flight and all was good.

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