14 March, 2008

rollie polie + bridge= interesting hybrid

So I am surprised that I didn't remember this when we started hybrids, but I came across a pretty cool one a while back. It is by Heatherwick Studio and is located in a new residential, office and retail quarter set around part of the Grand Union Canal. Now if you all know what a rollie polie is then you will understand this hybrid. It is a bridge that spans 12 metres and is able to be retracted when needed. However, rather than a conventional opening bridge this one is quite unique. It is made of 8 timber and steel sections that are triangular in shape. Hydraulic rams in each section allow the bridge to roll up until both ends touch, much like the way a rollie polie does. Although, I don't know if they truly based the idea of this bridge on such a great insect, I would strongly argue that they did. It is quite a literal interpretation, but it shows the unique design characteristics and functionality that we can gain by creating hybrids.

Love and Architecture


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