09 March, 2008

Mi aplaste nuevo!!!

Dearest blog, Recently, when in Amsterdam I discovered yet another singer that speaks Spanish who I like. The first song I liked in Spanish was Juanes and his hit single, "Tengo la camisa negra", but after seeing BELLE PEREZ on the screen, I think I found a new favorite. If you haven't already seen her perform or sing, she is amazing. I like her hit, "Ave Maria" which has been redone many times. She is actually half Dutch and half Spanish, and had a hit back in the U.S. awhile ago that wasn't that successful. My goal for this semester is to learn all the words to both Tengo la camisa negra and Ave maria. It's a little difficult, but i'm making progress!

I highly recommend you download this song or......you can just do what you moochers usually do and listen to it off my iTunes under the share name "Chris Brown's brother".

Wash Owt

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