14 March, 2008

Elevator de Zic-Zac Rock Hotel

Upon entering our Swiss hotel room for our first night, I started to read the tourist journal at the reception desk. In it I found an interesting passage by a couple from Canada (aka the first entry I could read). In it they described this trippy elevator ride they experienced. So immediately I was interested in our journey to our “Deep Purple” themed room. We entered the lift and found all five of us burly men in a small packed space that held no initial high trippy level. We pressed the 4 button, “and wow.” Two of the sides to the elevator were moving and then a small checkered black and white tile patterned swiftly began to move, then a solid red wall, then the trippy tile once more. Then for the next ride where we were descending began to really trip me out, then Josh appeared be falling with the moving wall while making a face that I can only say made me severely lower my tripping out level, “o well it is Josh” so we took pictures of him and laughed.

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