08 March, 2008

Hey everybody reading the blog!

I have blogger's block...but I finally found something just relevant enough to blog about.
A while back, Rush stumbled upon this 'visual complexity' website that has some pretty cool data-cardy graphics by catagory. Ever since, we've been geekin' over it...trying to cop some ideas and whathaveyou. Nothing too particularly yewseeful yet, just a constructive waste of time. I digress.

Mapping! You know I'm always down to map. This website's full of other people who are totally DTM. I recently came to know of a dude named Simon Elvins whose FM radio mapping project struck me as particularly maptastic. Check it...
He started by locating all of London's local radio stations on a map [the one's that you could receive from a certain location]. On the back of the map he drew power lines in pencil that conduct electricity. Touching a metal pin to the different points on the map turns on that particular radio station. Long story short, it's the jam.

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