25 March, 2008

everyday i'm hustlin', everyday i'm hustlin'

aight, so just got back from independent study travel, aka spring break. me and brett went to paris and berlin, and both were ridiculously cold. and of course, me bein the dummy that i am, i only packed my hoody and 4 t shirts (tall tees, in a way), so of course i spent the entire week wearin every shirt i had and my hoody. but we did see some interestin architecture, though i'm not sure that rly made up for the miserable state that i was in all week. but neways, i think i'm gonna share my berlin experience with u all, or more specifically, my experience in mercedes world. ah, mercedes world. basically the only thing i wanted to see all spring break. it was an interestin piece of architecture. it had an interestin form, and the way the floors were formed was interestin too. it was also designed so that every available space became a showroom, and it integrated landscape throughout the structure too.

and of course, there was this:

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