25 March, 2008

Indie Travel

One of the most amazing things happened to me while I was on independent travel. We started with St. Patrick's Day in Dublin which was awesome by itself and I didn't think it could get much better. I then headed to Paris which was cool, but not as great as I expected. Rome was my favorite place probably because I was given the chance of a lifetime. My best friend and I happened upon "the haven for English speaking Catholics in Rome" on Good Friday. While we were waiting for mass to start, a man behind us tapped my friend on the back and gave us 2 tickets to Easter Mass at The Vatican. We were speechless. After getting coffee with this guy, who was traveling with his mother, we found out they were from the same town that my whole family is from in Alabama. What a truly small world it is! So Sunday morning there we were in St. Peter's Square 20 rows away from Pope Benedict giving Easter Mass; it's something I will never, ever forget....

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