27 March, 2008

So there's no modern architecture in Venice or Rome...who knew

For independent travel I went to Berlin, Venice, and Rome. We went to Berlin because its one of the places to be as far as architecture goes and its reasonably priced. We went to Venice because we have just heard its amazing in general (plus we figured it would be good to have one place where we could just relax). We went to Rome to see all the classical Roman stuff. It is amazing how the Roman's created stuff that could stand the test of time...but as the city seems stuck in time, it does seem to get repetitive after awhile. What I did find interesting though, was that they had modern art in the vatican because that was definitely the last place I expected to see that. And they didn't just have a few pieces, they had a whole wing dedicated to it. So I may not have seen much new architecture while I was in Rome but I did learn that not all of Rome is ancient.

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