27 March, 2008

To the little town of Wolfenbuttel...

So I remember Adie's excitement the first time he saw Ronaldinho in Camp Nou. I also remember Cromer's 3 day grin while in Amsterdam. Well I got pretty excited when we pulled up to the Jagermeister Factory in Wolfenbuttel. Almost just as exciting as it was to see the only place in the world where they produce Jagermeister, was our long journey there. When most of the group bailed at the Berlin train station after seeing how much it would cost just to get there, Adam and I decided to trek on. We took the Die Bahn Train from Berlin to Wolfsburg, switched on another train to Braunschweig, and then took a 20 minute taxi ride to Wolfenbuttel. That put us in a place where most Americans or tourists in general don't travel to. Unlike Berlin or Barcelona, it was one of the first times where I felt like I was deep in another culture. The Jagermeister tour isn't run like Heineken or Budweiser where 100s of tourists come in and out of it daily. It's once a week and usually consists of 5 to 10 people from the surrounding area. Needless to say, I wasn't disappointed. We were rewarded with some souvenirs for our trek and it was quite the successful afternoon. We even made it back in time to meet everyone up for a night-time Reichstag visit.

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