15 March, 2008

Last One Standing

I'm starting to feel a little bit like I'm the last one left on the Real World. You know how in the last episode, they show everyone leaving little by little until there is the last one left, always wondering what the heck to think? I have two of my best friends from Clemson here this weekend, and have a flight tomorrow to go visit one of our friends studying in Nice, France.

During my 4th BCN blitz by bike today, we stopped at a little outside cafe in Diagonal Mar. Adam and I are researching this park/area for Katrin's class, so I had extra incentive to make this a rest point for the three of us. We met these two crazy British guys who live in the big towers next to the park and were enjoying their 2nd or 15th Estrella. He seemed to have quite the positive spin on the place, and I was able to get some feedback from somebody living in the neighborhood without using Spanish. It was pretty ideal. He told me 3 of the Barca players just bought places in the area and many British and Americans are moving in. It was designed by a Texan developer, so it has a very American feel to it. Did I mention I'm going to the home of Jagermeister on Thursday? I'm ubber geeked and I'll try to hold down the fort once last night in BCN. To Espit Chapitos and Mirabe we go. Catch you guys on the flip side. (Picture with crazy British guys to come)