08 March, 2008

The Power of Entrance

One of the most amazing things about Amsterdam is the diversity of housing that exists. All of the houses are so different on the new developing islands. They range from having a front facade of blue glass and gray brick to traditional brick with wood molding to a neon yellow painted brick with one large window. It was so awesome to see how the individual owner(s)' personality came out through the facade/ entrance. I wonder if this idea of having an individually designed house is a remnant of the Arts and Crafts movement. People wanted everything to be handmade so that it was unique making their house the "one and only" of its kind. However, the materials used currently are most likely not handmade. The craft of the machine and mass production is the sculptor now. The idea of individuality still remains though. Even when the houses appear to be the same shape, approximately the same height, they are quite different. It is almost like a classroom filled with same aged students from all over the world... from wood planks to blue shakes to cement to glass to metal grates to...

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