25 March, 2008

Family and friends

The first 4 days of my spring break, I spent with my old roommate in Germany. He lived with me in the states when he was preparing for his Thesis.
I think at that point, and after a great amount of work for the review we had the day before, I needed a break, a break where I didn't travel and run around all the time. A break where I can relax both mentally and physically. And with Yasin and his amazing family it was. I haven't seen my siblings for a long time now, and seeing his cousins and nephews was a little of a compensation. Plus, the idea of communicating was funny, since my german is not amazing, and they did not speak english that well. so I had to express my self in german all the time, and it used to crack me up whenever I wouldn't understand what one of the little kids said, and they try to explain it to me in simpler german.
I guess, one of the main reasons why this spring break was sooo special,in addition to the places I have been to, was the amazing people I was with.

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