28 March, 2008


After arriving in Milton Keynes and taking it easy with the family the first night [having fish and chips for dinner with some proper English beer]...Uncle Dave had some X-treme plans for Sunday. Apparently, he'd already made reservations for Rush and me at Xscape indoor snowboarding and skydiving.

AirkiX was the jam--I find that the X-cessive use of the letter X is usually a good indicator of how awesome something is.

Turns out, Rush is more aerodynamic than he looks. We each got extra time in the wind tunnel because Dave made reservations for three but inevitably backed out [I don't think they could turn the fan up high enough to lift him]. Anyway, I've gotta sweet DVD [AirkiX fliX] of our experience if anyone wants to peep our skills. Rush and I are now both level 4 fliers.

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