28 March, 2008

travelin with the fam

It seems like ages since I last blogged and I keep forgetting that it is part of our class work. So to catch up on recent events we had our recent ITS or Independent Travel Study. It was a welcomed break and what made it better was the fact that my family came to visit and travel with me. It was especially cool because my dad and I were able to see the innovative architecture of Europe and discuss it the whole trip. I seem to enjoy architectural discussion more when I am out of the class room anyways. For the study travel, we went to London, Berlin, and Rome. Each of these cities has a distinct urban fabric, however, it is fascinating to see the way in which modern architecture is intervening in each of the respective cities.

The culmination of the trip was pretty unforgettable too. It ended in Saint Peters Square with about 100,000 people at Easter Mass with Pope Benedict, or as the Italians say "Papa Benedicto". However, the fact that it downpoured for almost the entire mass and the impossibility to view the screen because of the umbrellas made it even more of an experience. Notice the before and after photos.

Love and Architecture


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