28 March, 2008

Still Thinking

My datacards haven't progressed much graphically, but I've been thinking a lot about them conceptually. Without getting too deep, the past few weeks have altered my view of the world significantly. Conceptually, the datacards are tracking my experiences, feelings, etc. so patterns are beginning to emerge from day to day/ week to week. While I see my experience in Barcelona as a chance to split from the norm and explore a new world, I also find myself falling into simple patterns. Are they engrained in the nature of life or are they based on some precident (our experiences and lessons)? I'm hoping that the datacards will reveal this answer graphically, but at the same time, I've begun to explore other mediums to reveal these patterns. Since the cards are based on sheer quantitative data, it should be easy to transfer the information into another form- MUSIC. I love music. Kind of like how Chad loves land, or Brick loves lamp... Anyways I typically listen to music, and I'm not much of a composer, so this study is less about composing music and more about using SOUND as a medium. Using MIDI programs, I want to transform my numerical data into a numerically ordered pitch, resulting in a series of sounds (sometimes called a song) though probably not as musical. By compressing the information into this form I hope that the patterns will emerge more clearly, and possibly music could be generated from experiences. Those are my hopes, but I'm still working on learning to program the MIDI software...

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