10 March, 2008


For the past two days, our stove has been on constantly. Sonal and I decided that we wanted some good food from home, so that means homecooked Indian food. The funny thing about Indian food, is that everything is made from stratch...which takes a good chunk of time. One of the things that we wanted to make was a type of lentil soup, that takes a while to make, because you have to soak the lentils first. Since we didn't realize ahead of time that we wanted to make the soup, we had to soak it in boiling water, which meant running the stove until it was done. It ended up not finishing until the next day so our stove was running the whole time that we were awake, since our stove likes to randomly turn off our electricity, it did pretty well. So instead of dinner on Friday, we got to make our dinner on Sunday, but we didn't have half the utensils that we needed. So we got our creative architecture brains out and improvised. It was messy and fun, but the food was worth it.

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