31 March, 2008

From Paris with Love

So I hear the stories how romantic Paris is. It is a city of lights, a city of love, a city of bomehmian grandeur...but to me, it was cold. I liked Paris, but I did not see the romantic side of it...maybe because I didn't have a sweet heart, but I think if i did i might have felt something, but no. The sites were great, the food, okay. But Paris left me wanting. I compared it to Barcelona, and i found that BCN has so much more to offer i feel in that whole romantic aspect. My comrades also were talking non stop about old architectural practices like flying butresses, column orders, and the like...I could not relate one bit...hence the difference in old timey Itlay and modern BCN.

The one thing i found fascinating in Paris was La Defense...the business sector of Paris. I loved all of the buildings there, especially the Arc de la Defense. It is the contemporary pieces that lines up with Arc de Triomph and the Louvre.

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