28 March, 2008

London, England

Starting this journey, we were intimidated by the value of the GBP. Once we arrived we found several items that were similar in price. On the other hand, there were other items that were outrageously priced. So, we simply budget shopped and made our way through our stay. One night, we decided we should see a musical while we are in London. Lion King: booked or priced at £53 per ticket. Wicked: booked or priced too high. So we decided to go with Chicago, London’s sexiest, most sensational musical. Chicago was great! I have seen the movie back in the states, but to see it in person is just amazing. My favorite scene would have to be the puppet scene, where Billy Flynn, a smooth-talking lawyer, treats Roxie Hart, a nightclub dancer, as a puppet in front of the reporters to explain the trumped up story that will get her out of jail.
Big Ben; House of Parliament; Westminster Abbey; Greater London Authority Building; The Gherkin; Lloyd’s of London; former Millennium Dome; Australian War Memorial; Buckingham Palace; Hyde Park & The Green Park

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