12 March, 2008

Allnighters. Sad? not really!!!

I came to studio tonight a little late, because my family called, and I got to talk to my little, 7 year old sister. I really miss her alot, but getting to talk to her made my day.
so I came to studio to work on tomorrow's drawings and 3D stuff. the studio upstairs was a little loud so I decided to take my pens papers and laptop and go to the middle floor. I sat by the main "window". The window/door that looks onto the interior outspace. I didn't want to turn all the lights on so I borrowed one of the table lamps, set it on the table that is beside the large window.
as I started drawing, I remembered an old jordanian radio station that can be accessed via internet, so I played it, put my headphones on. a while later, a very cool Mediterranean breeze started coming through the open door. the cool dryish wind reminded me of the weather in Jordan. That and the oldies that were playing in the background by my headphones and the soft light that came from the table lamp, all brought back amazing memories that I had with such weather and such music.
Before coming to studio I thought this was going to be one of those boring allnighters. but I guess it doesn't have to be. no matter how much work we had to do, I guess I can still enjoy it. I am still in an amazing city. and even if I wasn't outside to experience it, I can still enjoy the breeze that comes in every now and then.

I couldn't find an image to go with this blog. So I guess I'll leave it imageless :D

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