25 March, 2008

In Berlin, the third day we were there was by far my favorite. I had read my "Travel Europe" book thing and been a total geek and planned out the whole day. I had lame little tidbits of information to throw out at each stop, things like "this is the hotel where Michael Jackson hung his baby out the window"...you know, highly interesting pieces of information. So anyways, we had been walking since like 8 in the morning in freezing cold weather all day and it had begun to snow off and on the whole day. At times, it was really snowing hard and we got covered, but at one point at sunset while we were nearing the end of Unter den Linden street, the snow started again but it was totally different than any snow I'd seen before. We could look down the street and see where it had started but it was not snowing on us yet. The sun was setting aka...it was still sunny...even while snowing. But the best part was that above us was a clear blue sky...in the snow. We walked in the snow for a few mins and then got to our next building with clear blue skies again. It was the craziest thing ever. I loved the snow in Berlin...snow under the blue sky...thats how it should always be :)

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