28 March, 2008

Ireland aka Emerald Isle

This past week I ventured on my travels to Dublin, Ireland and London, UK. This particular week afforded me a wonderful opportunity, St. Patrick’s Day. Yes, I was going to be in a county that was hosting its most well known holiday. Dublin is a city that is deceiving to look at from the guided forces of Google earth. Our sleeping accommodations appeared to be about one or so hours outside the city, turns out it is only a twenty-minute bus ride on the public transportation system. Long story short, it did not take very long to walk the entire city. They also had amazing maps for travelers such as us.
Back to St. Patrick’s Day, the festival runs through the city center and heads over the O’Connell Bridge to run through the Temple Bar district, down Dawn Street and finishes up at St. Patrick’s Cathedral. We were expecting everyone to wear green; this isn’t really the tradition in Dublin. The parade was full of bright colors and the music came from all parts of the world, as well as the people. I guess the slogan for this year was perfect, “On St. Patrick’s Day, everyone is Irish!”

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