09 March, 2008

Lesson of the day...

So the other day I had a craving for some Mexican. I had looked up the local Mexican restaurants the day before and ready to get my grub on at the closes one. The review said it was a little pricey, but I believed that price included desserts and cocktails which I didn’t care for at this point. Well, a couple of us scour the street that Google showed me it was on and a couple of surrounding streets before heading back to RESA. Being me, aka determined, I searched on Google again. Of course this time, the restaurant that I was looking for from the day before was non existent. But it showed another restaurant on the other side of RESA, which I had a hard time finding information on. By this point, I was really hungry and I could have eaten just about anything. So of course after wasting all that time we were looking for something quick.

So we went with out trusty fall back… Burger King. However this evening, I was glad I was on my toes….aka I’ve eaten there a time or two and knew how the menus worked. So I gave the guy my order… “I’ll have a number 6.” I noticed that the register rang up 7,50 Euro. I automatically assumed he was giving me the GIGANTE which costs 1 Euro since the meal was only 6,50 Euro. To my surprise the guy comes around with a smaller sized drink and fries. So I asked if it was a King? He said yeah….I guess it was a Menu Big King…. So I rephrase my question. Is it a large? He was like yeah it’s a large and points to the medium sized drink. “But you charged me a Euro, not 0,60 Euro(the price of a GRANDE).” So he finally figured out that I was onto his game and I wasn’t going to give him the extra 0,40 Euro. So he rings up the register and gives me my new total 7,10 Euro. Again, I said NO, I want a GIGANTE. I have to point to my friend’s order (which the lady got correct) before the guy understood Spanish. (keep in mind I’m in Spain.)

So moral of this story: Research the restaurant before you go there. Check more than the first site you see and pay attention to the price of you mean and price you are told to pay.

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