28 March, 2008


Switzerland is one country full of Wow!  Everything is great except how much things cost which if you eat from the grocery store and drink water, is not too bad.   The country is full of amazement everywhere, from the mountains to the cities.   The mountain scenery is some of the best in the world and the street and trains are so clean.    I wish we could have cities as beautiful and clean back in the states, don't get me wrong some are.   It seems like every corner I turned while in Switzerland there was something really beautiful.  The highlight of my trip besides the beautiful cities on the lakes were the snowcapped and glacier covered mountains.   This was definitely the case up at Zermatt, Switzerland, with the ICON of Switzerland, the Matterhorn.  The matterhorn was amazing, but all of the mountains around the area were covered with snow and glaciers for the most part.  This made for some beautiful photographs.   The Matterhorn and the surrounding area is a must see in Switzerland, which is right on the border with Italy.  The picture of the Matterhorn on the right shows how the Matternhorn makes its own weather and can become wicked looking. Enjoy!!

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