28 March, 2008

Berlin, Germany

Man was I ready to get to Berlin after a few days of Zurich’s prices. We arrived in Berlin late on Sunday night… around midnight if I’m not mistaken. The staff of our hostel was cool and glad that we arrived at midnight instead of 1AM like we had told them. The common room was where it was at between the day tours and the night life. Ping pong, TV, free WiFi…yeah, we always found ourselves hanging out in there. Plus it was a great way to meet some of the locals as well as other tourists. I’ve got to give it up to Juan, one of the locals; he is pretty darn good at ping pong.
Judisches Museum Berlin; The Sony Center; Botsckoft des Konigreichs der Niederlande; British Embassy; DZ Bank; Dem Deutschen Volke; the Jewish Memorial; Mercedes-Benz Showroom & Ludwig Erhard Haus

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