26 March, 2008

More London . com

Dearest Blog,

I would like to say that most of the architecture i saw on the trip was enchanting. I really liked the new developments london had to offer. They had a metropolitan center near the tower bridge and the project title was "More London". This project indcludes the bullet, the GLA building, and an entire fleet of new proposed buildings for the area.

There were amazingly innovative and stand at a large scale. I love buildings that really make a statement and over take the entire area. The GLA and the bullet are two great examples of this. There was also interesting landscaping around the area including a water walk leading up to the area, some interactive water sculptures, and fountains, and meeting plazas. There was a large green space to relax and have picnics in too which really helped the area seem more friendly.

After seeing the contemporary architecture here i really did want to see "More London" than i got too. I only wish it was warmer when i was there.

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