09 March, 2008

Why couldn't I have thought about this?

I ran into this really cool art project by a couple in NYC. The plan's ingenious, and I just wish I had thought about this. They've created a "wants list" which basically means they paint pictures of something they want... anything from food, to videogames, to articles of clothing, etc. Then, they sell the paintings for the actual price of the product so they can then purchase what they want. It's a pretty cool concept, and it seems to be working for them.
They also had an earlier project that seems less rewarding, but equally funny... selling NYC trash for $50 a box! Funny enough, people have been buying it, because parts of NY can now be found in 41 states and 19 countries.

1 comment:

NKerech said...

HA HA. I have some trash I can sell you that is Authentic South Carolina Waste! What will they come up with next?