23 March, 2008

I'm going where?!?!?!

Transportation systems never surprise me anymore. There are supposed to be metro stops every one to three minutes, buses that pick up for the airport three hours ahead of flight. All modes of public transportation provided for your convenience. However, there always seems to be a fluke or glitch. Am I really going to catch my plane at gate 48B? Who knows, I just have to get there and be at least two hours before departure. In addition, systems, such as the metro, that normally close at two on the weekends suddenly are closed before midnight on holidays. All this causes unnecessary spending and stress to what would normally be a pleasant holiday. Never the less, it is cheaper to use these systems, so I guess I will continue to put up with it until I get back to my car. Then I will be able to go where I want, when I want!

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crwhale said...

hi! i met matt ellis in london on a pub crawl and he gave me his email but i forgot it. this is carolyn by the way. i know i don't know you but i was wondering if you could give ryan, josh, calvin, and matt my contact info. my email is crwhale@gmail.com

thanks so much! these guys are great to hang out with and i love to keep in contact!