28 March, 2008


Wednesday, March 26, 2008--
Barcelona, Spain
There are plenty of nice hairstyles floating around Barcelona. From 60 year old women with bright pink hair, to gypsies with dread lock mullets, and punk kids with mohawks, we've figured out that anything goes in the bcn. We stopped by the local skatepark only to see the great Calvin "wash" Knight tragically dislocate his shoulder, taking him out of the scene for a while. Later that day, we met up with the "regulars" and their traditional espana half-mowhak hairdoos flopped around as they consistently pulled sweet tricks. As Calvin was on the way to the hospital, he concluded that all skaters need sweet hairstyles in order to become great skate legends. Unfortunately tragedy had already struck for Calvin, but I still had time! It was time for a makeover. The world famous hair stylist, Ryan Cromer was commissioned for the free-form design contest of my head. The result was a success-- the thunda' bolt!-- a Spain prize-winning design. Good work Chrome!

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