10 March, 2008

Well...datacard maps my actually be the death of me...or my computer. I spent 11 hours on datacards this Sunday...a bit excessive I think. I came up with this "grand" idea of making my maps off Google maps accurately enough to actually be used. Dumb. I use Photoshop because Im much more comfortable with the program and am still learning the basics of Illustrator. Photoshop, however, I believe is boycotting my computer currently and if it gets angry...it just shuts down all my other programs. AIM goes first, then internet. Great when you're printscreening 900 times from Google maps. I do like how the maps are turning out...I just wish the mapping, printscreening, magic wanding, building, water, park, major roads, markers process didnt take soooo darn long. Maybe if I werent such a psycho perfectionist I'd be ok...but now that all the maps are supposed to look the same...they have to all look exactly the same. Ugh oh well...its my fault really. I just need to figure out a way to get faster at this. At least Im done with them until after study travel...maybe Berlin or London will be easier to map than Amsterdam :)

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