11 March, 2008


this weekend i took a journey to Genova, Italy. I can honestly say that those guys have it soooooooo much better in Italy only because they are pampered. But those stairs...my friend counted the stairs from the bottom of the hill to the villa and it registered about 570 steps...yowza!

The next night we had the villa party where 10.000 italians packed into the villa and had a great time. I had to buy a new outfit but in the end it was great.

I miss those guys over there so much: Jon, Elizabeth, Ashley, Allan, Matt, Kevin, and Jenn they are my family and it was awesome to see them!

Also we went to the aquarium and some churches and saw some architecture and got to see what they were doing in their studio......let's just say they are farther along with design than we are, we have been stuck in research for half a semester in the site design studio and that is not right, there needs to be a change with something...that's all i will say.

Italy was nice, but in the end I missed my city...my Barcelona!

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