28 March, 2008

The Best Spring Break Weather EVER!

Okay, my brother who is a senior at Clemson went to Jamaica for his Spring Break which is pretty sweet. I talked to him on Easter Sunday about it all, and he told me that it was sunshine the entire time except for like five minutes of rain from a random cloud that was passing by. He was also telling me this while on the porch of my house where he was enjoying 70 degree weather with sun and a slight breeze. Then, I told him about the weather we got. It was ridiculous to say the least but fun and interesting. In Z├╝rich we got cold rain, wind, and cold. It was bearable, and we didn't let it crash our fun or anything. In Berlin, it got more sporadic. When we were at the Sony Center at night, it started to snow, and it was really cool how the space just sucked in the snow and with the lights it was really cool as well. Of course it was really cold and windy. On the other days, we would get cold with wind then rain then snow then sun. It was a bit nuts. London, however, was all that it was cracked up to be. We got snow, rain, sleet, a bit of hail, and wind... lots and lots of wind. However, the locals just walked on through while us tourists kind of huddled and acted like fools at the first sight of snow. We had a white departure from London with about five inches of snow on some of the surrounding London communities. It was really cool, but I am glad to be back to Barcelona 60 degree Farenheit weather. It is quite refreshing, and I didn't get sick like I usually do when I'm constantly changing through different climates. It is nice not to have to wear two coats and a beanie every single day for once; you feel ... lighter.

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