27 March, 2008


Barceloneta Open
Ok it’s officially on. The next MLPP tournament will be held on the twin courts of Barceloneta town in the hood of our cross town rival Doug “philosotect” Hecker. Word on the street is that he brings the heat and is like 6 foot 6in. and wears magical Merrell shoes of power, but that’s only rumor. Anyways the last tournament was of great success for our first season with the MLPP, and this tournament should be a breakthrough. The tournament will be open to anyone willing to step it up and crown themselves a true ping pong champion, this means whether you’ve a member or not you can come out and sign up, but please have ready your team name (be creative). Registration will be held through Commissioner Ryan “The Cripps” Ramsey (contact via jrramse@clemson.edu or RESA A412). The deadline for entry will be at 12 noon Saturday. With two tables the rounds should run pretty smoothly, so waiting time should not be bad. Personal statistics will be accounted for and added with previous game tallies for trading cards stats.

Tournament Starting Time: 2pm Saturday the 29th

Tournament Outline
NCAA Dance Bracket style
Pull names from hat to decipher starting matches
Round 1: first to 21, by service changes of 5
Final 4 & championship match: best of 3, play to 11, service changes of 3
Serves: cross court style (aka tennis style)
Game Point: server can loss on a bad serve (net shot or off table)
Winner: gets tootsie pops of their choosing
Loser: has to cook dinner for the winner
Attire: dress for the most hustling bustling sport around these parts, Harry no flip flops

Please bring your own paddle if you own one, if not we can supply you with one on temporary loan. Balls will be supplied.

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