28 March, 2008


The waterfront in Zurich, Switzerland was beautiful.  The park and it surrounding were some of the best landscape architecture that I saw when in Switzerland.  People were really using the park to it fullest when Ashley Brazeal (Larchie in Genoa, Italy) and myself were there last Saturday.  There were so many different activities that people were participating in, within the park.  The one that stood out the most was this guy who was using the landscape architecture materials, stone, for his artwork.  The guy was balancing rocks on top of each other to make some very interesting forms and balanced rocks.  I watched the guy place a couple of rock perfectly in just a couple of minutes.   He had some amazing talent for being able to balance these rocks.   As people walked by he was really getting their attention.  You can see in the picture how small the one rock is with such a bigger rock balanced on it, I dont know how he was doing it.   Amazing and highly enjoyable to watch!!

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