14 March, 2008

Waiting on my plane

So, Im sitting now in the airport waiting on the plane to start boarding and I remembered that I havent fullfilled the entired duty of writing on the blogg and I couldnt think of anything to blogg about.
In general I was pretty happy with the review we had on thursday. Most of the feedback we got was possitive and suggesting new ideas and exploring more with the project. For the first time, (I think) prof. juan carlos suggested that we go ahead and started designing.
There are a lot of thinks that were suggested in the review yesterday and I dont know what will we continue with and what we will not. But I guess today is not the day to think about all that... If I want to remember something from what happened yesterday, I would like it to be how joey dominated the dancefloor yesterday ;)))
WOOOOOOOOhooooooooooo JOOOeeeyyyy.... My man :)))

Hope everybody spends an amazing springbreak and see you in Berlin

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