24 March, 2008

is it a Gehry building?

In Berlin we took two tours one of New Berlin and the other of Potsdam both of those places were gorgeous. On our New Berlin tour we visited the DZ Bank Building in Praiser Platz near Brandenburg Tor (Gate). From the outside this building fits into the urban fabric and you cannot tell it is a Frank O Gehry building. But taking a closer look you can tell. On the inside the Gehry structure is quite evident and uses his infamous fish. Looking from above from the Reichstag Dome (Cupola) you can clearly see the fish structure. The building gives a false fa├žade a boring one from the outside but once you approach it on the inside it is completely different and breathtaking. Looking from above is just a whole another perspective that you could not even imagine. This building is definitely amazing and worth to see while in Berlin.

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