07 March, 2008

Not So Sleep Easy

Why when you are trying to do important things such as book hostels, book flights, or download the latest episode of LOST is the internet at RESA always at its worst? And why when you are booking hostels, does the last one to book always have to be the most complicated when you are so close and just want to be done? I guess it is kind of our fault for waiting so long, but for the massive number of hostels in London, finding one to book was not an easy task. And I guess you always just want to find the perfect hostel, and especially when you are booking a week before you are supposed to be there, that just isn't going to happen. They are either too far, have hidden expenses, tricky check-in times, no availability for more than one person, or they say they are available and then split you up. But at any rate we are finally booked at hostels in each of our travel cities after much searching and growing stress. Frankfurt Hostel, Pegasus, and Journeys London Bridge here we come. Now that I'm tired and cranky it's time to take and break and get my LOST on.

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