26 March, 2008

"I hurt myself" episode 2.5....tri point vumpf

dearest blog,

independent travel was simply amazing. It was really cold especially in berlin and london. We had alot of fun discovering other countries architecture and their cultures. Zurich was a very boring city, but we made it a blast.

In Zurich we spent time looking at the corbusier haus and the train station. We also played alot of frisbee and time hanging out and watching Swiss TV. The language is interesting, because it sounds very German with some English words popped in there every 10 seconds.

Ryan Ramsey had his worse day ever in Zurich. From splitting his nice pair of dress pants playing frisbee, to dropping a reciept in the road and having to chase it down in major traffic, and finishing it up with spilling half his McDonlads coffee all over himself and the floor.

All in all we all had a great time and spent lots of money. I only wish I could be still traveling instead of back in stuio.

Wash Owt.

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