09 March, 2008

Crunch TiME!!!!!!!

Side NOTE: my data card doesn't really look like this, blogger messed up my work!!!!

Dearest blog,

It's March 9th 2008, and I tried to enjoy my weekend for once. Now, I am gonna be SLAMMED with work until we leave for independent study on Thursday. I can't wait. Here's why I am going to go insane this week

I have to
*do work for the review
*case studies
*Kathrin's class paper
*Dulces Spanish class
* and find some time to be sane and sleep a little!!! wow

Anyway, I wanted to talk a little about my datacards and how they've been going. I decided to take the general metro idea and apply it to where we've been going over the weeks and what we've been experiencing. If we have been taking a metro system then i find the metro map and label the routes we took and the stops we got off at.

If we walked, biked, took a train, or a bus, or tram, I use the same metro idea but apply different shapes and paths to address the information. At the end when all my datacards are complete, it will look like one continuous Metro line that took me through my journey here in Europe. I will be able to remember architecture and day to day experiences I had when looking back at these cards.

I also used the metro idea, because the diagram and symbollism in the maps are simple but effective and aesthetically pleasing and easy to read.

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