14 March, 2008

You are now Entering "Deep Purple"

So, we get to the Zic-Zac Rock Hotel in Zurich last night around 6 or 7 in the evening… there is no time change in Zurich by the way. Anyways, we were pretty psyched about which rooms we were going to be in because we heard that it was rock themed from Chad (how he knew… not too sure). Anyways, we get there and we get our room keys. Matt and Stephen are in “Status Quo,” and Ryan, Calvin, and I are in “Deep Purple.” We were pretty stoked wanting to know how rocked out our room would be, hopefully some a purple room with lyrics on the wall or something. We get to our door, and we start the video camera. I open the door with a really awkward key and turn on the light. The room is like a light mustard yellow with two small pictures in it. One is a pop art piece of the lead singer’s face in the Andy Warhol style. There were beds for three and a wardrobe and two sinks with mirrors. We were a little disappointed with the dĂ©cor, but a room is a room, and they had “shumiters” which are AWESOME!

(Pictures for the two posts... coming soon for your viewing pleasure.)

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