28 March, 2008

Zurich, Switzerland

Wow! What a beautiful city. So needless to say we were all pumped about the trip and on top of that, the Swiss Frank is only worth 0.97 USD. (Well, that was until we got there and found out that everything was pretty much double in price.) But that’s cool. The Zic Zac Rock-Hotel was awesome! HOTEL PARTY! ...on Friday night; we got the VIP treatment since we were staying there. Somehow I managed not to buy a single thing while we were there that night. But almost every view in Zurich is picturesque. I found myself snapping pictures of the same things just because it was daylight and you could see the mountains very well, or it was sunset and WOW was that sunset beautiful! Or I would capture the same building from a different angle just because it still looked picture perfect. I would have to say that Zurich and San Sebastian are my two most photographed cities in Europe.
Stadelhofen Station in Zurich was rebuilt in the 1990’s by the Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava. The station building from 1894 was preserved and the surroundings were completely redone in a fancy twist of modern art, thus forming a striking combination of the new and the old.

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