11 March, 2008

A little fresh air, a little exercisio, y some much-needed Vitamininom D... es bueno!

This is my third attempt at posting this silly blog. It is 21:23 pm. I'm sitting in the studio again. JC gave us permission and two keys to work in the studio the next two days and nights before our second review...

I just got back from Genova, Italia, last night, and spent the whole night working on stuff and getting caught up and ready for Indy Thursday, which Jen and I finished planning the other night over Italian chocolate and orange Fanta! I was so glad to see the sun at 7:15 this morning (it had rained almost the whole time in Italia)... what a good start to a morning with a jaunt across the beach with some additional stairs along the way to break up my work from my... work!

Fresh air and sunshines have made me a whole lotta happier and seeing my favorite larchies and Jenn :) If you guys ever go towards Genova, make sure you go hike Cinque Terre. So BEAUTIMOUS!!!

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