14 March, 2008

Seeing Old Inspiration

For my second year spring semester airport project I was in need of some sort of central eye catching mass in my terminal that would house around three levels of office and logistical rooms. After reading about this mall in London that had this sort of hovering orb cafĂ© surrounded by shopping levels I had found my starting point. From there I found myself on the way to designing what was to become one of my personally most successful projects. Now I will find myself in the same place where my inspiration came from. I’ve been doing some research trying to find the mall that was converted from an old English office block but thus far have been coming up blank. Once I am in Berlin with free hostel internet I will end my search where I will hopefully find its’ location. I will do a follow up on this orb once I have experienced it first hand in London.

To be continued……………

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