12 March, 2008

Almost there!

About 28 hours away from Independent Study Travel. Why is it called that anyways? I'm just going to assume its Spring Break with a few case studies in between. I'm ready for the last big break of the semester. With our second big review tomorrow, there is much to do before I can be too excited. I'm ready for my friends to get here from Clemson and begin to enjoy a week away from thinking much about anything. I'm most excited about heading to Berlin the last part of the break. Meeting up with a bunch of the guys from studio, it will be cool to all come together and spend the last few days in one of the best places for contemporary architecture. Daniel Libeskind has always been one of my favorite architects, so I'm looking forward to seeing the Jewish Museum. Between the 23 of us, we will be covering much of the European map within the next 10 days. It will be interesting to come back and hear about everyone's travels. Hope everyone a fun and refreshing break from programmatic statements and frank plans. I know our group will. Meanwhile, I'll be trying to IMAGINE.....A BED......FOR TWENTY-FIVE PERSONS!!!!

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