15 March, 2008

I think they speak American in England. Word.

I'm writing this blog sporadically between running down to the laundry room, packing, and looking for some more cool sites to see in London and Berlin. I think Adam, Joey, and I are the only ones who haven't already bailed out of BCN. It's kinda lonely without Sonal, but we're making it through the weekend...

At the moment, I'm pretty satisfied with our departure time. We didn't have to rush out of studio to catch a flight like half the class did. Flying out on Saturday gives me ample time to get all my stuff together [even though I'll probably still forget something], not to mention I'm traveling with Rush...this should be interesting.

I'm excited about staying with my uncle Dave in Milton Keynes for a few days. He's the crazy one in the family so I'm sure we'll be shown a good time. He mentioned something about indoor sky-diving. Sounds sweet. All I need is a cool pub and a nice warm pint of Guiness...tasty!

After London, we're reuniting with the other studio bros in Berlin. We're just gonna bro-out, chill, chill with the bros, and check out some German architecture [plus the Jager factor...good lookin' out Joey]. I'm gonna do my best to behave. I'll try to keep Adam out of jail.

Have fun everybody! Don't do anything I wouldn't do...

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