02 April, 2008

In retrospect

So Stephen and I have gone to our park a couple of times in the past few days for Katrin's class...on one of the days I had the idea of just glancing at the miro park that is a block down and a block behind one of our gardens as something to possibly compare against since we are discussing the private versus the public. I'm not sure if the miro park was on her list but it was amazing...kind of made me wish we had that park. It was huge and had all these different things like nice basketball courts, scenic walkways and multiple play areas for kids. There was something for everyone there and it was flooded with people. Our gardens are alright, there is just no activity in them. One thing Katrin suggested to us though was to ask people if they knew where are gardens were (because we had mentioned something about people just passing by without knowing the garden was there) so Stephen asked 20 people passing by in front of each garden if they knew where the garden was...he even asked some of the people in the garden if they knew where it was and hardly anyone knew. So he has some amusing stories from that. Anyways pictures to come for this post and the other (I haven't gotten a chance to unload my camera)

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