02 April, 2008

More parks.

With the paper in Katrin's class due in about 2 weeks, it kind of puts into perspective how close everything is to an end here. But anyway, Sonal and I went to our park today. It was pretty cool, because our park is pretty new and it's still in the process of being finished. Today we ran into three guys there that were measuring the fence in the unfinished part of the park, and we (read: Sonal; my Spanish skills aren't that up to par) talked to one of them. He was really pretty nice, and answered (as far as I could follow the conversation) our questions pretty well. He was talking about how they were going to make the fence high so people can't just jump it, since they were going to plant a garden inside for the kids of the neighborhood to work on, to give them something to do and stay out of trouble. And he was saying that it should be done in a month. Then he went on to tell us how he lived in the neighborhood and that it has problems, like with drugs and stuff. It was pretty cool to get his interview like that. And lucky that they were working on that measuring the fence when we got there.

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