06 March, 2008

Missing Flights!

As most people know I missed not only one flight, but two flights to Amsterdam last Wednesday.
There is no one to really blame except myself.   The train running did not help me either time.  After rescheduling my flight for the second time I was able to get the first first in the morning to Amsterdam via Clickair.  It was crazy, but nice at the same time.  I woke up at 3:30 and grabbed a cab @ 4:00 in the morning since I dont believe the subway or the buses were running yet.  I made it to the airport this time with plenty of time.  When it was boarding time they drive us on a bus on  the tarmac and we boarded the plane by a ramp.  It was one of the most foggy mornings I have seen so far in Barcelona.   When the plane took off and we were above the first layer of clouds the sunrise was one of the most beautiful I have even seen.  It was even reflecting off of the ocean to make it even better.  Clickair was awesome by putting me in business class too, so the flight with the business class+sunrise+mountians= one wonderful flight.   The only down side was paying an extra 120 Euro.   The moral of the story aways aways give yourself plenty of time to get to the airport, especially if on business travel in the future.  Dont make the mistakes that I make, which in the end make for a good story.

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